This kit contains Classic Gongfu, Premium Gongfu, Imperial Ripe Pu'er, and Premium Ripe Pu'er.


Our tea has undergone 5 traditional forms of craftsmanship, we make tea with ingenuity, and only present the best quality tea for our customers.


  • Hand-picking: picking on the same day, to guarantee the aroma and taste of the tea, manufacturing on the same day, to prevent the tea leaves from oxidising too long.


  • Twisting: mechanical twisting, quickly breaking the tea structure, providing a basis for fermentation.


  • Fermentation: 6 hours of fermentation at a constant maintained temperature, overseen by a master tea-maker to ensure the quality standard of the tea.


  • Drying: high temperatures are used to quickly inactivate the enzyme activity, stimulate and retain the aromatic substances of tea, which is responsible for its floral fragrance.


  • Secondary Picking: picking manually to remove tea stems, tea dust, and any other impurities. 

Taster Selection Kit (4 Tasters)

  • Item Basic Information

    Net Weight: 20g ℮ (4 x 5g)

    Shelf life: 24 months (black/Pu'er tea)          

    Ingredients: Camellia sinensis

    Origin: Yunnan, China

    Cultivar: big leaf tea 

    Picking Time: 15th March- 30th April

    Storage: Store in a cool, dry, and odourless environment, preferably in an airtight jar or a relatively airtight tin.

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    GTIN-13: 5060821220105

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