Have you ever using whole leaf loose tea to make iced tea before? Check out our Iced Tea Kit that contains 6 individually sealed whole leaf loose tea bags (including 2 different types: Golden Tip, Classic Gongfu). Each bag can be used to create one pitcher of iced tea, which is perfectly designed for you and your family. Our special iced tea recipe can be found here.


Our black tea has undergone 6 traditional forms of craftsmanship, we make tea with ingenuity, and only present the best quality tea for our customers.


  • Hand-picking: picking on the same day, to guarantee the aroma and taste of the tea, manufacturing on the same day, to prevent the tea leaves from oxidising too long.


  • Withering: Withered at a constant maintained temperature for 8 hours to keep the natural sweetness of black tea and maintain its freshness.


  • Twisting: mechanical twisting, quickly breaking the tea structure, providing a basis for fermentation.


  • Fermentation: 6 hours of fermentation at a constant maintained temperature, overseen by a master tea-maker to ensure the quality standard of the tea.


  • Drying: high temperatures are used to quickly inactivate the enzyme activity, stimulate and retain the aromatic substances of tea, which is responsible for its floral fragrance.


  • Secondary Picking: picking manually to remove tea stems, tea dust, and any other impurities. 

Iced Tea Kit

  • Item Basic Information

    Net Weight: 30g ℮ (6 x 5g)

    Shelf life: 24 months

    Ingredients: Camellia sinensis

    Origin: Yunnan, China

    Cultivar: big leaf tea 

    Picking Time: 15th March - 30th April

    Storage: Store in a cool, dry, and odourless environment, preferably in an airtight jar or a relatively airtight tin.

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    GTIN-13: 5060821220082

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