Why is Yunnan black tea (Dianhong) more and more popular?

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It's not too late to know this brilliant tea from Yunnan, China, if you don’t know this tea yet.

Dianhong infusion

Yunnan is known for its moderate climate, one of the warmest regions in china, There are various attractive flavours, such as flowers, tea, mushrooms, and various fruits. The incense of Yunnan is a fragrance that smells of mountains and wildness, free, strong, and elegant.

Many people know that Pu'er tea is famous in Yunnan, but in fact, the most prominent representative of Yunnan taste is Yunnan black tea, especially its golden appearance and mellow, slightly sweet flavour.

What is Yunnan black tea?

The main difference between Dianhong and other Chinese black teas is the number of fine leaf buds, or 'golden tips', present in the dried tea.

Yunnan black tea, as known as Dianhong, one of the four major black teas in China, is a type of relatively high-end, gourmet tea sometimes used in various tea blends. Hence the name, it’s grown in Yunnan Province. It was created by Han tea farmers in the Republic of China and mainly produced in Baoshan, Fengqing, Xishuangbanna, Dehong, and other places in southern and southwestern Yunnan Province.

The fresh tea leaves of Yunnan’s large leaf tea plants are known to make Dianhong so special, the delicate process after picking includes withering, rolling, fermentation, and baking.

The main difference between Dianhong and other Chinese black teas is the number of fine leaf buds, or 'golden tips', present in the dried tea. Dianhong produces a brew that is brassy golden orange in colour with a sweet, gentle aroma and little to no astringency. After brewing, the infusion is light red and bright, the golden tip is prominent, the aroma is fresh, the taste and the stimulus is strong.

How many types does Dianhong have?

The brew is dark and not brassy but reddish-brown. It is suitable for drinking with sugar and milk.

Dianhong can be divided into traditional roasted black tea and sun-dried black tea. Roasted black tea is roasted by fire. Sun-dried tea refers to natural drying. Its main source is divided into ancient tea tree black tea and wild tea tree black tea.

Dianhong can be divided into the following types. Each shape has its own specific specifications.

1. Broken Yunnan

A cheap tea used for blending contains very few golden buds and is generally bitter on its own. This tea is easily identified by the largely black dried leaves with only a few bursts of golden tips. The brew is dark and not brassy but reddish-brown. It is suitable for drinking with sugar and milk.

2. Golden Needle

Golden Needle is a newer variety of Dianhong, which is named for its gold needle shape. Golden Needle is refined from a single bud. The tea colour is golden and distinct. The aroma is rich and long-lasting, tastes sweet and mellow. After brewing, yield an amber-ish infusion, and a strong maltose fragrance.

Golden Needle

3. Pine Needle

It is a sibling tea of ​​Golden Needle, which is also made by picking tea with one bud and one leaf.

Pine Needle

4. Yunnan Pure Gold

The strips are naturally full, and the tea buds are straight (golden buds) or slightly curved (some people call it semi-curved golden buds). Yunnan Pure Gold is exquisitely made by splendid single buds. They are relatively high-grade, the tea liquor is bright red and exhibits a gentle aroma and a sweet taste. The leaves are reddish-brown after being brewed.

Yunnan Pure Gold

5. Golden Snail

It is made by picking a single bud, one bud one leaf, one bud two leaves tea. The shape is similar to that of a 'snail shell'. The bud leaves are delicate, and gold in colour. After brewing, the infusion is red and bright, tastes mellow, sweet, and smooth with a fresh aroma. the tea leaves are red and bright, the golden tips are prominent.

Golden Snail

Yunnan black tea/Dianhong health benefits

1. Diuretic effect

Under the combined effect of caffeine and aromatic substances in Yunnan black tea, it can increase the kidney blood flow, improve the glomerular filtration rate, dilate the renal microvessels, and inhibit the reabsorption of water by the renal tubules, thus contributing to the increase in urine output. This is helpful to eliminate lactic acid, uric acid (related to gout), excessive salt (related to high blood pressure), harmful substances, etc., as well as alleviate oedema caused by heart disease or nephritis.

2. Anti-inflammatory and bactericidal effect

The polyphenolic compounds in Yunnan black tea are suggested to have some anti-inflammatory effects, catechins can combine with single-cell bacteria to cause the protein to solidify and precipitate, thereby helping to inhibit and eliminate pathogens.

3. Detoxification effect

According to various lab experiments, the tea polyphenols in Yunnan black tea can absorb heavy metals and alkaloids, and precipitate and decompose.

4. Refreshing and anti-fatigue effect

It is found through medical experiments that caffeine in such as in Yunnan black tea stimulates the nerve centre by stimulating the cerebral cortex, which leads to refreshing and concentration of thinking, which in turn makes the thinking response sharper and memory-enhancing; it also has an exciting effect on the vascular system and heart and strengthens the heartbeat, thereby speeding up blood circulation to facilitate metabolism, and at the same time promotes sweating and diuresis, thereby speeding up the excretion of lactic acid (a substance that makes muscles feel tired) and other old waste materials in the body, to achieve the effect of eliminating fatigue.

5. Heat-clearing effect

Drinking Yunnan black tea in summer can quench thirst and relieve heat, because the polyphenols, sugars, amino acids, etc. in the tea react chemically with the saliva and stimulate saliva secretion, causing the mouth to feel moisturised and produce a cool feeling; at the same time, helping regulate body temperature.

6. Anti-oxidation and anti-ageing

Similar to other tea, it’s suggested that the antioxidants in Yunnan black tea can inhibit the growth of tumour cells by affecting free radicals, which is also associated with the ageing process, but more discussions are needed before your doctor starts recommended tea as a treatment.

7. Nourish and strengthen stomach and intestines to aid digestion

Yunnan black tea is fermented and roasted. Tea polyphenols undergo an oxidative reaction under the action of oxidised syrup. Drinking Yunnan black tea with milk can aid the reduction of inflammation and protect the gastric mucosa, and it also has a certain effect on the treatment of ulcers.

8. Bone health

Polyphenols in Yunnan black tea are suggested to inhibit the destruction of bone cell vitality. In order to prevent and cure common osteoporosis in women, it is recommended to take a small cup of black tea every day, and it will be effective for several years. You can also add various fruits to black tea for a synergistic effect.

9.Best drink for exercise.

In addition to relieving summer heat and replenishing water, it can also strengthen physical strength and help long-term exercise. The main reason is that the caffeine in black tea has a refreshing effect, which can cause the body to burn fat and supply heat during exercise. Keep liver vinegar for people to have more staying power.

How to store Dianhong?

Method 1: Store in a tightly sealed tin can

This method is the most affordable. Tea products can easily absorb odour and moisture. Dianhong mostly appears in the form of loose tea. If it gets damp, not only will the tea quality fall, but it will rise mould and bacteria. Therefore, when preserving Dianhong, it is necessary to choose a container with better sealing, such as an iron can. Iron cans are available everywhere and at an affordable price, or use tin cans and iron canisters with other foods, but you should eliminate the original odour. Iron cans need to be selected. Packing in iron can not only prevent the taste of tea products from being lost but also better retains the natural aroma of Dianhong; it can also put the tea products that have been opened back into the iron can to continue storage. Iron cans with tea should be placed in a cool place, not put in direct sunlight or damp places.

Method 2: Store in a clean ceramic jar

Ceramic jars are also a good method of preservation, and they are more fashionable than iron cans. When choosing a clean, well-sealed ceramic pot for storing Dianhong, the tea must be packed in a sealed bag before being placed in a ceramic pot. Dianhong is aromatised by roasting at high temperatures, and its aroma has been fully stimulated. After contacting with air, it will easily oxidize further and the true flavour will start to fade. It should be noted that cracked, or other ceramic pots with a heavy taste and not exhausted, should not be used to store tea products. The last thing is to avoid dampness and odour.

Method 3: Store in a sealed bag and fresh-keeping layer of the refrigerator

This is the simplest and most practical method. Many families will preserve black tea in this way. Plastic bags are relatively common packaging materials, with many varieties, low prices, and free use. After purchasing Dianhong, the tea can be packed in a waterproof and sealed bag and placed in the fresh-produce layer of the refrigerator. When choosing a plastic bag, first choose a packaging bag suitable for food; second, the material itself should not have an odour. Take it out when you drink it, seal it when not drinking, and put it back in the fresh-produce layer of the refrigerator. When storing Dianhong in the refrigerator, the sealed bag should be sealed, and the sealed bag must not be damaged. Otherwise, the tea product is not only susceptible to moisture, but also absorbs the odour in the refrigerator, and the tea product loses its value for drinking.

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