Recap: E17 ArtTrail Exhibition

Updated: Jul 28, 2021

The E17 ArtTrail has proven to be a winner for us, and it was wonderful to meet the local community and some of our subscribers in person! This post is a recap but also a closer look at what was on display, we want to thank everyone again for supporting us!

Yuyun E17 Art Trail Banner

A Journey Through Tea Time Exhibition

This exhibition revolves around the Ancient Tea Horse Road, a caravan trail formed in the 8th century, stretching from Yunnan, to Tibet, and Sichuan and past that to the wider world.

This period is known as the golden age of tea, but the significance of this road and the communities that lived, and still live there today are often drowned by the vastness of tea history. As it has a direct connection with the sourcing of our tea and the cultural background of our founder, Zora Pu, we decided to give a focus to those early communities, the people who worked the caravan trails, and overall talk about the cultural and historical significance of this time, for tea would not be what it is without this ancient caravan trail.

Our iced tea turned out to be a hit! Originally we only planned for one day but seeing the weather was so hot we decided to keep it running. If you're after our recipe, you're in luck. It's super easy, fast, and delicious! It all starts with some Yuyun black tea. If you're not sure which is right for you then you can save time with measurements and try both our black teas with our Iced tea Kit.

The window display of the roads of the Ancient Tea Horse Road was formed from this map created by Michael Butler.

For those that missed it, this Honey Lemon Iced Tea poster was just at the entrance of the exhibition, and because of the interest we've received we've decided to put copies up for sale.

Additionally, we've had a lot of interest in the tea sets we were displaying, and we decided to put them up for sale, with more teapots to come in the future, you can find them here.