How to choose good Pu'er Tea

Updated: Apr 22

Here are some tips for selecting Pu'er tea. Get ready with YUYUN, become a tea expert!

Pu'er tea cake
Pu'er tea cake

If you’ve read our other article, you would know that Pu’er is more advanced than most teas, the flavour is complex and earthy. It comes in two types, raw and ripe, the selecting and brewing techniques also have a few extra steps.

Choose Pu'er tea step by step

1. View shape and colour.

The first step in selecting Pu'er tea is in the appearance of the tea. The appearance is mainly based on the colour and texture of the dry tea. Mouldy spots on the tea leaves indicate improper storage and inferior products. Pu'er raw tea is fresh and tender, dark green.

Ripe tea has a darker colour than raw tea, showing a reddish-brown colour.

2. Tea infusion.

The colour of the tea infusion reflects the quality of the Pu'er tea production process, storage year, and storage method. The good Pu'er tea infusion is translucent, depending on the storage time, the colours vary between yellow, gold, yellow-orange, and chestnut red. Raw tea is a light yellow or golden yellow, which is more translucent. Ripe tea is dark red or even reddish-brown. The colour is bright and clear.