Honey & Lemon Iced Tea Recipe

Updated: Apr 22, 2021

Is there anything better to relieve the summer heat than a cup of iced tea? Many people use tea bags to make iced tea at home, but have you tried using whole leaf loose tea to make iced tea?

iced tea made of Yunnan black tea
iced tea made of Yunnan black tea

Our Yunnan Black is very good when served cold, with naturally less tannins than regular tea, you get a lighter, less astringent taste but still bold flavours. Our Yunnan black has fruity and floral notes with a slightly sweet aftertaste making it perfect with fruity syrups.

Lemon iced tea


100g sugar

100g honey

650ml hot water

5g Yunnan Black

ice cubes, to serve

1 lemon, sliced

Juice of 1 lemon

mint for garnish


1. Combine honey, sugar and 100ml hot water, stir until clear ;

2. Add tea leaves to 550ml hot water, steep for 15mins and strain;

3. When cooled slightly, place the syrup mixture and tea into the fridge until chilled;

4. Leave a large jug with ice and lemon slices, add 75ml syrup mixture, lemon juice, the chilled tea, stir well and a few sprigs of mint;

5. To serve, fill glasses with ice, a slice of lemon and garnish with mint.

Note: The above method can be altered to your tastes, too sweet - add more lemon juice; too sour - add more syrup mix.

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