Where does Golden Tip, a rare black tea, come from?

Updated: Apr 8, 2021

Golden Tip, a high-quality Yunnan black tea, comes from Zuxiang Tea Garden, where tea is planted and produced organically. This is a must-have tea that tea lovers should try!

Zuxiang Tea Garden
Zuxiang Tea Garden

Golden Tip, a Premium Yunnan black tea comes from the Zuxiang Tea Garden, located in the Wuliang Mountains, Pu’er City. Also known as "Tea Source of the World”, the average altitude is about 1,500 metres.

A cultural hot spot for the Dai people, an ethnic minority group in Yunnan, who have been deeply influenced by tea culture, evident as such as the Ancient Tea Horse Road runs through the entire territory.

The Zuxiang Tea Garden covers 2,500 acres of organic tea garden with its property rights. There is no history of agricultural planting and the soil is clean and fertile. They adhere to strict organic planting management and have never used any chemical or genetically modified fertilisers. They are committed to the production, research, and development of organic tea.

Since 2010, it has successively passed the organic certification of China, Japan, the European Union, Brazil, and the United States. Fresh organic leaves combined traditional craftsmanship produce a fine tea with a mellow, delicate, sweet, and unique taste.

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