7 ways to enhance your brew

Updated: Apr 22, 2021

What’s the best cup of tea you’ve ever had? Can you narrow it down to a single brew, or is it more of a daily ritual? In this article, we're exploring what makes a perfect cup of tea.

find your perfect brew
find your perfect brew

So to get down to it, what is the perfect brew?

Tea comes in various types and can be brewed in a few different ways, but ultimately the perfect brew is subjective. You like tea your way, and you even may ascribe tastes to different parts of the day, like black tea for the morning and green tea for mid-afternoon. That being said, there are a few crucial steps you can make which can significantly improve your brew.

Expand your tea selection

Good quality tea is the first step, whether it's your builder’s brew or something a bit more specialty. If you are drinking English breakfast, you could try some black teas such as our Yunnan black tea, if you're a fan of green teas then our Yunnan green tea is a great choice.

Store your tea correctly

This is an often overlooked step because of convenience, but keeping your tea away from the kitchen and the spices that lurk there will preserve your tea for longer. Tea absorbs smells and flavours very easily, and it’s important to preserve that tea flavour. Especially if you have some high-quality teas. Invest in a tea caddy, a stylish way to keep your tea fresh.

Water Quality

Another way convenience might be holding back your tea game, good water can drastically improve your tea. I’m talking about filtered and bottled water. When brewed you can instantly tell the difference, and filtered water gives the tea more flavour. Water filters are a cheap and easy way you can get quality water for your brews.

Brewing time

Brewing time can depend on the tea, and we put helpful guides in all our packs to help you get it right. I like to think there’s a ‘perfect brew’ in every teapot, your preference of brew strength and a delicious taste that can’t go unappreciated. If you don’t know what your preference is, then a teapot is a great tool.


Everyone has their favourite mug or tea set, why do we do this? We see something unique or we like the style and we ascribe a hierarchy of favouritism. While unessential, it adds a positive mental effect, if you see someone with a great tea set, they’re likely to be more invested in better tea. Tea strainers and mini tea cafetières are perfect for brews for one and make drinking great loose leaf tea, hassle-free.


We love experimenting with our teas, we personally love Iced tea and experimenting with syrups and different flavours. You can also make your own Bubble (boba) milk tea, cheese tea or even put it in recipes like cake and biscuits. We’ve discovered that our Yunnan black is an amazing ingredient in iced tea, so we've put together a little kit.

Take a moment

This is another mental benefit, but at YUYUN, we think it is essential. Take a moment of serenity, of timelessness. Go outside or go into a comfortable space and just stop and enjoy your environment. Take a moment and put all your thoughts into your senses, close your eyes and have a sip and wash your worries away, even if it’s just for a few minutes.

What is your perfect brew?

We would love to see your perfect cup of tea and your chill and creative spaces. Let us know if you have any tips of your own as we’re always like discovering and learning new things.

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