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Our Story

YUYUN YUNNAN LIMITED was founded in Summer 2020 by two young tea lovers in London, UK. Zora, spending time in London as a student fell in love with British tea culture, meeting Michael in return fell in love with Chinese tea culture, the two of them joined together to combine these ideas and cultures, with the ultimate goal to make the unique and traditional Chinese tea tastes accessible to the British market.

In Chinese, 'YUYUN' means a pleasant lingering effect, and aftertaste of a good tea. China is the birthplace of tea, and Yunnan is the hometown of unique tea trees, where the fertile land and moderate climate are naturally high quality for the cultivation of some of the finest tea in China.  

There are tea companies all over the UK. What makes us different from other tea companies? We are a small company that has a deep connection to Yunnan, with the dedication to one area, we offer a higher and more refined tea to our customers. 

We strive to bring new tastes to our consumers, not only in flavour but also in culture, we want more people to adopt loose tea as the standard, and to try and rebrand tea-time as a more meditative and social experience, an appreciation of the little things in life.


We invite you to join us on this wonderful tea journey. Put the kettle on, 'YUYUN' is on the way!

Meet The Team

Zora Pu

Managing Director
Social Media Manager

Zora is an authentic Yunnan girl. She grew up in a family that loves Yunnan tea very much. Under the influence of her family, since childhood, she has a deep interest in Yunnan's ethnic minorities' tea culture.

She has obtained two master's degrees in the field of media from the University of Leeds and Goldsmith College. While studying in the UK, she discovered a country rich in tea culture, but she missed the tea culture from her hometown, with this hardship she found her niche and decided she should bring a piece of Yunnan to the UK herself.

Two years of working in the brand operation and sales, as well as years of studying media, have given her the ability and have strengthened her idea to start a tea business.

Michael Butler

Commercial Director
Business Development Manager

A native to London, Michael was brought up knowing the joys of a good cup of tea. While he always appreciated Chinese tea he didn't know how good it could get until he met Zora.

He obtained a bachelor's from UAL in Graphic Design and followed his own path using his skills in different fields, working in hospitality he understands the basics of running a food business. He learnt the ability to understand and cater to the customer and through various jobs.

During Summer, after being introduced to Yunnanese tea, he started experimenting with flavours and he discovered how good Dianhong is in Iced Tea. There's good, and then there's great. You can sell great.

Wendy Wang

(based in China)

 Supply Chain Manager

Wendy, graduated from Yunnan College of Tourism Vocation, the only college-level, public full-time vocational college in Yunnan Province, with a Hotel Management degree in 1990.

During her years of study, she visited various places in Yunnan, including various ethnic minority gathering places, she learned about their tea-drinking customs and history. Even after working in Xiamen, she often returned to visit tea friends in Yunnan.

With more than 20 years of knowledge. In 2013, she opened her first tea shop in Xiamen, which specialises in tea from Yunnan. In 2016, she opened a second tea shop in Jiaxing, Zhejiang.


She is considered a specialist in Yunnan tea, she has been frequently invited as a lecturer to promote and train tea-related knowledge.